Photo above shot by Armando Canas

Background photo shot by JÄYWLKR 

Lefty Rose - Biography

As music released today seems to sound quite monotonous, Lefty Rose comes across as a breath of fresh air to fans of raw and gritty Hip Hop. From Calvada, (what he fondly calls his home of California and Nevada) Rose captures his listeners attention with sharp lyrics, witty subject matter, clever word play and a smooth voice.  These traits allow Lefty connect with his audience whether live performance or recorded material. His delivery and vocal styles vary from aggressive to laid back and come across as effortless as a mere conversation. Production duties were mostly handled in-house by Bay Root; a production team who've helped mold Rose's sound since 2000.  Using what he's learned from Bay Root, Rose has taken the reins and begun self-producing his own records.   

Lefty Rose (then known as Kaution) emerged on the Sacramento underground Hip Hop scene in early 2001 after developing his love for music in the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno, Nevada.  Rose created a buzz for himself by competing in local battles in which he did extremely well. This drew the attention of The CUF; a well respected Sacramento Hip Hop group who took Lefty under their collective wing and helped him start his musical career.  From there, Rose performed at hundreds of events and shared the stage with well known artists such as De La Soul, Digital Underground and Hieroglyphics among others.  He created his own independent label, Calvada Sound Company and has released 14 projects since 2002. His self-driven, grassroots approach has paid off by creating a solid core fan base.

Known to wear many hats, Lefty is a recording artist and songwriter.  He is also a producer, audio engineer and photographer working under the name JÄYWLKR.  Rose is constantly looking for ways to challenge himself. Starting up J.Walker Media as an additional creative outlet was a natural progression for Rose . Attention is being focused on developing and expanding both brands.  He is an artist in every sense of the word who has a sound that is distinctive and a style uniquely his very own.

Written by J. Wallace